MVP Blue Jackets 12/13u Prove they are The NEPA Powerhouse

If you are not familiar with the tremendous amounts of success the MVP Blue Jackets 12/13u has achieved, we would like to welcome you back from what ever Planet you were visiting over the past year. These young men are approaching the end of their tournament season holding a record of 40-17-2. They also aren't estranged to the most prestigious of venues which hosts the best of the best in competition. Venues such as Diamond Nation, Perfect Game, Baseball Heaven, Ripken, Maplezone, The Rock, In the Net, etc. The Blue Jackets have attempted to expose themselves seeking some of the best teams on the East coast to play. They've run in to some great teams along the way but their record explains it all.

Over this past weekend, they were scheduled to play at In the Net in Palmyra, PA to get prepped for their final tournament down at Ripken on Halloween weekend. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, the Blue Jackets were in pink and proud. If your looking forward to how they did, well I'm sure you can guess what happen. Yes, yes, you're right, they took down another one; and did so in dominant fashion. With a flawless record of 5-0, the Blue Jackets defeated KC Baseball, MAD Baseball, All-Star Baseball Academy-Broomall, PA Diamond Nine, and victorious in the Championship vs. The Harrisburg Hornets-Killer Bees. Outscoring their opponents 60-5, the Blue Jackets swarmed together every game in their attack.

The MVP Blue Jackets 12/13u plan to seek the biggest stages with better competition for 2017 and will continue on their path to be competitive on a national level. We at MVP Sports Academy are extremely proud of this team as they are a great representation of the brand of baseball we advocate. #mvpstrong

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