Toronto Blue Jay, Gabe Noyalis to lead College Prospect Camp at MVP

MVP Sports Academy has teamed up with Gabe Noyalis of the Toronto Blue Jays organization to develop a program that is designed specifically for the baseball player on the "Road to Recruitment".

This program will act like a blueprint to each participant, as each player will receive a tailor made program designed by Noyalis in efforts to capitalize on their strengths and exploit their weakness. If the player intends to play this game at the collegiate level, it is important to understand the tools you will be recruited for and the things the athlete must do over his off-season to get recruited. It is easy to say that everyone needs to get bigger, faster, and stronger but what does each player really need to do? And how does he do it? Those are the questions that Noyalis plans to answer for these young men.

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This 12 week program will begin December 5th and consist of 4 sessions per week, totalling 96 hours of training. It will also include a FREE admission to MVP's College Showcase Night on Jan. 19, 2017.

Program Overview:

Cost = $550

December 5th – February 25th

12 Week Program

4 Sessions per Week

96 Hours of Training

Includes FREE Admission to College Showcase Jan. 19, 2017.


Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: (8pm-10pm)

Saturday: (12pm-2pm)

Register for "Road to Recruitment" Prospect Camp Today!

Each Player will receive a Tailor Made Program Consisting of:

  • Throw Velo/Exit Speed

  • Pre & Post Metrics

  • Recruitment Plan

  • Movement Screening






  • Lifting

-General Strength


-Baseball Specific

  • Nutrition

-Gain/Lose weight



-Supplement Recommendations

  • Mobility

-based on movement screening

-general baseball mobility

  • Speed and Agility Work

-Position Specific

-Minimize 60 time

  • Conditioning

-Circuit Based

-Minimal Long Distance

  • Position Specific Instruction

-Biomechanical Analysis


Register for "Road to Recruitment" Prospect Camp Today!

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