Success to its Fullest!

MVP Blue Jackets 13/14u traveled to The Rock's Sports Complex, "The Yard" for their 5th tournament this travel season. "The Yard", an old prison located near Chester, NY has been developed in to a new all turfed multi-purpose facility that was the home for the 13u division Fall Bash this past weekend.

13 teams entered in to this contest at the 13u age division. The MVP Blue Jackets 13/14u team started off slow in Game 1, finishing with a 2-2 tie game. The Jackets came off a lot stronger in Game 2 delivering a shut out win of 9-0. Game 3 ended in similar fashion giving up only 1 run and winning 4-1, which advanced them to the semi-finals. They faced off vs. the Hit n' Run Bombers and fell short 8-0. 

This team has made a great deal of progress throughout this season. Starting their season facing stints of adversity but setting out to come together and achieve their common goals as a team is what we at MVP define as Success. The only team the 13/14u Blue Jackets were defeated by, was the team who ended up winning the tournament. We are extremely proud of their progress and look forward to these young men tapping in to their full potential.

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