Pedal to the Metals!

The MVP Blue Jackets took a short drive this oast weekend to a local tournament hosted by the Slow Roller Deuces at DuPont Little League. The tournament opened up Friday night under the lights where the Blue Jackets struggled to make things click. After their first loss delivered to them by the Slow Roller Deuces the team was forced to go back to the drawing board.

A resurgence speech given to the boys prior to game 2 on Saturday morning sparked what appeared to be a vicious hunger in these boys eyes. Defeating the Big 6 Blaze Saturday morning was their first step on in their path to greatness. Game 3 brought the Blue Jackets to the Abington Bombers where the Blue Jackets pulled no punches and resulted with a 9-1 victory. Game 4 was the game of vengeance vs. The Slow Roller Deuces and the Jackets imposed their will to bring home an 8-6 victory. The Blue Jackets advanced to the championship game vs. The East Coast Sandhogs. After a quality team performance by the Blue Jackets, they were crowned the Champions of the Columbus Day Slow Roller Weekend Tournament defeating the last team standing, East Coast Sandhogs. #Swarm

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