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MVP Tournament Rules



Inclement Weather Policy and Team Procedures

If rain comes into play, MVP will do everything to stay on schedule. If the schedule changes due to a lengthy rain delay no requests will be made on game times.  All rain out games may not be made up depending on time constraints.  If the schedule changes due to weather delays it is the team’s responsibility to monitor the website or manager's email for updated schedules.  The MVP website or manager's email is the primary way to get updates.


Suspended Pool Play Games

Pool games that do not make it to regulation innings (4 complete inning for a 6 inning game or 5 complete innings for a 7 inning game) due to weather will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed (if possible) from the point of suspension at the earliest time available. If there is not enough time or space to resume a suspended game, it will be considered complete and official at the end of the last completed inning. If a game is not resumed, they are not entitled to a credit as not being played. Please note any player not at the originally played game is eligible to play as long as that player is on the roster.


Suspended Playoff Games 

If one inning hasn’t been completed and the game is suspended, and there is not enough time to resume, then the higher seed would advance to the next round.  If the game is tied after the last complete inning then the higher seed would advance to the next round.  If the championship game starts and is not able to be completed the game would be considered official at the end of the last complete inning.  If tied at the end of the last completed inning, the higher seed would be considered the champion.  If one inning hasn’t been completed then the higher seed would be considered the champion.  If the playoffs fail to reach a championship game the highest remaining seed will be declared the champion.


Team Insurance

Each team is required to have proof of insurance with them at all times. Proof must also be provided to MVP prior to the tournament. The insurance certificate must have no less the 2,000,000 General Aggregate and $1,000,000 Each Occurrence. Insurance certificate must have MVP Sports Academy LLC listed as the certificate holder.



There are no limits on how many players can be on your roster. Up to 4 adults are allowed in the dugout at any one time. Rosters are locked at the start of the teams first game. Teams will be sent roster links after the schedule has been posted. It is the team’s responsibility, not MVP, to complete the roster. For 17-18U showcases special instructions will be sent on how to do rosters for scout books.


No Alcohol or Tobacco Products

Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco products will be permitted on the MVP and/or Forty Fort Sports Complex property. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in ejection from the complex. Tournament Formats Tournament formats will be clearly outlined on the tournament webpage once the schedule has been released. Any questions on schedules or playoff formats should be emailed at



All MVP tournament games will have umpires. Our umpires will consist of little league, high school, NCAA and professional umpires.


Baseball and Team Equipment

MVP will provide high quality baseballs for all tournament games. Return all foul balls to game umpire or a MVP staff member. Teams are to bring their own practice balls and equipment.


Batting Cages

Batting Cages are available 1 hour prior to game time at MVP Sports Academy located at 1950 Wyoming Ave. Exeter, PA 18643. Please be respectful to other teams that are waiting to use the cages.



Teams are to be in full uniform once they are on the field. All payers must have a uniform number.


Coaches Dress Code

Managers and coaches are not required to be in uniform during games. However, MVP expects all coaches to be dressed appropriately for coaching baseball/softball.



NO METAL CLEATS! Players MUST wear plastic molded cleats, or sneakers on our baseball fields. Batted Balls MVP asks for all players, coaches and fans to be aware of batted balls at all times. There will be more than one game going on at a time, which can cause batted balls from different directions. Please return all batted balls to game umpires or an MVP representative. 


First Aid

MVP staff can help with minor injuries i.e. bruises and small cuts. The local hospital is on call in case of a serious injury.



There is plenty of free parking available for parents and coaches at Forty Fort Sports Complex. Please no RV parking. If RV parking is required please use the MVP Sports Academy parking lot.



Admission for parents and fans for all MVP Tournaments is FREE. Children under the age of 18 are admitted free of charge. Pets Pets are allowed at Forty Fort Sports Complex property. Service animals are always welcomed at MVP!



A team trophy will be presented to the top 2 finishers of all tournaments. Parents and fans are more than welcome to come onto the field during presentations.



Protests will be heard and ruled by an MVP representative. The team protesting a playing rule must protest immediately. A cash payment of $500 in cash is needed to protest a rule. If the protest is ruled in the teams favor the $500 cash will be refunded. The ruling made by an MVP representative is final! Protests must be filed and ruled on before the next pitch or if at the end of the game before the umpires leave the field of play.


General Park Rules

No Smoking 

No Alcohol 

No Tobacco Use  

Outside coolers, drinks and food are allowed. Please dispose of all trash.


Spring and Summer 2016 Age Requirements 

18U Born on or after May 1, 1996 

17U Born on or after May 1, 1997 

16U Born on or after May 1, 1998 

15U Born on or after May 1, 1999 

14U Born on or after May 1, 2000 

13U Born on or after May 1, 2001

12U Born on or after May 1, 2002 

11U Born on or after May 1, 2003 

10U Born on or after May 1, 2004 

9U Born on or after May 1, 2005


Fall 2016 Age Requirements 

18U Born on or after May 1, 1997 

17U Born on or after May 1, 1998 

16U Born on or after May 1, 1999 

15U Born on or after May 1, 2000 

14U Born on or after May 1, 2001 

13U Born on or after May 1, 2002 

12U Born on or after May 1, 2003 

11U Born on or after May 1, 2004 

10U Born on or after May 1, 2005 

9U Born on or after May 1, 2006







MVP Pitch Count Restrictions


Below is the maximum number of pitches allowed per day in MVP tournaments. Players will be required to rest said number of calendar days when reaching pitch limit. It is your own teams responsibility to adhere to these pitching restrictions as it is to ensure the health and safety of the players. Both teams will meet at the completion of each game to confirm the pitching lines of all pitchers. Limits apply to specific tournament age division, not player age. (i.e. 10-year-old player in 11U tournament will go by 11U requirements.)

















Coaches: It is your responsibility to know all tournament rules. If you have any question with a rule before a tournament starts please contact Dave Favata at MVP reserves the right to amend any rules we feel will better our tournaments. National High School Federation Baseball Rules will be enforced with the following exceptions.


Starting a game 

Teams may start a game with 8 players. The first time the 9th spot comes up it is an automatic out. The second time through no penalty.  If the 9th player shows up during the game, that player is inserted to the bottom of the lineup.  Teams may not start a game with only 7 players. If your team only has 7 players for the start of the game, you will have 15 minutes from the time the plate conference ends to produce an 8th player. If the 15 minutes expires teams will forfeit the game.



In all age groups teams can bat 9, 10, 11 (DH, EH, XH) or they can bat their entire lineup.  The EH is considered defensive positions for substitution purposes.  The DH may be used for any player of the teams choosing and bat anywhere in the lineup.  When a team chooses to bat the entire lineup, each player is considered a starter and the team is granted free defensive substations for that game. Furthermore, if a player is injured or ejected during the game in which a team is batting the entire lineup, their spot is skipped and an out is recorded one time.



If a team does not bat the entire lineup MVP will use the NFHS reentry rule.  Starters may be re-entered only once including the DH and EH as long as that player occupies their original position in the batting order.


Pitcher Re-Entry

If a pitcher is removed after throwing a pitch and goes to another defensive position, they may return as a pitcher.  If a pitcher is removed and goes to the bench, that pitcher may not return as a pitcher. However that pitcher may re-enter and play another defensive position.


Pitcher’s Equipment 

It is the umpire’s discretion to deem weather any equipment that the pitcher is wearing is distracting to the opposing batter.  This includes but not limited to: Batting gloves, sunglasses, long sleeves, compression sleeves, athletic tape on wrist/arm, and color of the glove.  Compression sleeves may be worn if for medical reasons and the sleeve is not white.


Courtesy Runner 

Pitchers and catchers only and may be at any time. 0 outs, 1 out or 2 outs.  If you have substitutes they will be your courtesy runner.  If you have no substitutes then use the player that made the last out.


Pool Play Time Limit/Innings

All Tournament Time Limits can be found on tournament schedule.  Games times start once the plate meeting has finished.  The umpires will keep the official time.  It is the coaches’ responsibility to ask the umpires how much time is left in the game.  9U-12U will play 6 inning games  13U-18U will play 7 inning games  No new inning may start after the time limit. If the home team is batting and winning and time expires the game will end. All runs scored will be counted.  A new inning is considered started after the last out of the pervious inning has been recorded.  Once a game has reached its time limit or innings games are official.  It may be possible to play all innings and still have time on the clock. Games at that point are official. NO POOL PLAY GAME WILL GO INTO EXTRA INNINGS.


Playoff Time Limit/Producers 

Championship games will have no time limits  Home teams will always be the highest seed remaining.  If a game has reached it inning max or time limit, then the following rule will take place.  Bases will be loaded with one out. The last three recorded outs will take 3rd, 2nd, and 1st base in that order.  Game continues this way until a winner  Run rules still apply to playoff games  Championship games have no time limit and games may go into extra innings  Championship games still have run rules in effect. TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO START THE NEXT GAME IN POOL PLAY AND PLAYOFF GAMES 15 MINUTES AFTER THE PERVIOUS GAME ENDS! PLEASE BE AT MVP 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR GAME READY TO PLAY. THIS WILL HELP US KEEP THE ENTIRE COMPLEX ON SCHEDULE.


Mercy Rule

15 runs after 3 innings  10 runs after 4 innings  8 runs after 5 innings



If a team chooses to forfeit a pool play game, they are not eligible for the playoffs.  In a 6 inning game the score would be 6-0  In a 7 inning game the score would be 7-0  A team that loses a game due to a team forfeiting is not eligible for a credit for the lost game.


Trips to the Mound

Second trip to the mound per inning with the same pitcher will result in removal of that pitcher.



9U-10U no balks  11U-12U one warning per pitcher. Umpires are looking for obvious balks,  13U-18U NFHS Rule  The 3rd to 1st move is LEGAL



9U-10U must wait until the ball crosses the plate to leave the base.  First violation is a warning and after that they will be called out.  11U-18U is allowed to lead and steal


Force Play Slide Rule

The intent of this rule is to ensure the safety of all players.  This is a safety and an interference rule.  Whether the defense could have completed the double play has no bearing on the applicability of the rule.  This rule pertains to a force-play situation at any base, regardless of the number of outs.  One a force play the runner must slide on the ground before the base and in a direct line between the two bases.  It is permissible for the slider’s momentum to carry him through the base in the baseline.  Exception- A runner need not slide directly into a base as long as the runner slides or runs in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder. Interference shall not be called.  Directly into a base means either a head first slide or a slide with one leg and buttock on the ground before the bases.  Runners are allowed to slide through the bag as long as the slide is legal from above.


Infield Fly Rule 

There will be no infield fly rule for ages 9U-10U  There will be an infield fly rule for age 11U-18U


Catcher Drop 3rd Strike

For 9U-10U the batter is automatically out if the catcher drops a third strike  For 11U-18U regular baseball rules apply.


Intentional Walk

In all ages the coach or pitcher may call for an intentional walk. The pitchers does not need to throw a pitch.


Bat Restrictions

Coaches are responsible for checking player’s bats before playing in the tournament. Please make sure all bats meet MVP bat rules.  9U-13U: All bats must have either the BPF 1.15 or BBCOR designated displayed on the bat. No other weight or size restrictions for these age groups.  14U-18U: BBCOR designated bats with a -3 differential (length and weight) only.  Wood Bat tournaments can only be played with single-solid wood. No Wood Composites, No Demarinis, No Bamboo, No Bomb Bats


Illegal Bat Rule

Penalty: The batter is out and all runner return to the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.


On-Deck Batter  Only one on-deck hitter may be warming up  The on-deck hitter must be on his team’s dugout side and must be wearing a helmet.  For ages 9-12U the dugouts have a on deck batter area. We perfer the players to use this area for their saftey.



The home plate umpire is the official scorer.  The home plate umpire will check with both coaches at the end of the game to ensure the accuracy of the score.  Once the home plate umpire leaves the field the score becomes official.  Coaches it is also your responsibility during the game to confirm the score is accurate.



It is up to each coach to decide if he/she will allow their team to wear jewelry.  Coaches resume all responsibility with this decision.  Umpires may determine and ask a player to take off any jewelry they feel is distracting to the opposing team.


Dugout Rule

All players and coaches must be completely inside the dugout.  Coaches are not permitted to sit on buckets outside the dugout.  Coaches are not permitted to walk or stand outside of the dugout.


Catchers Equipment  MVP encourages all catchers to wear the hockey style helmet. However both hockey style and skull type masks are permitted at all age groups.


Guidelines for Game Officials and MVP Management Regarding Lightning

National Server Storms Laboratory strongly recommend that all individuals should have left the playing field when the lightening is six miles away.  MVP Management will utilize lightning detection and monitor approaching storms.  Once games are stopped all teams must leave the field of play.  Teams are only allowed back on the field when MVP Management determines games will resume.  Games will resume once the lightning has moved outside the 6 mile radius for a period of 20 minutes.


Head Coach

The head coach is determined by who the team representative during the pregame conference.  The head coach is the only person that can contest a call, ruling or deal with the umpires during the contest.


Assistant Coach

An assistant coach is a person who assists the head coach.  Assistant coaches may not leave their positions, dugouts or bullpen to appeal any play on the field.  Penalty: Ejection from the game after a warning.


Ejections/Suspension Policy

If any person is ejected from the game, the individual shall leave the field immediately.  The person must be removed from sight and sound of the contest.  Sight and sound shall mean the ejected person(s) cannot view the contest, cannot communicate with his team nor be where the umpires may hear him.  It may still be possible for the ejected person(s) to be able to hear the sounds of the game; however he/she must have left the confines of the playing field and the seating area.  The ejected individual is not allowed to return to the dugout, field or grandstands until the umpiring crew has left the field.  Any player or coach ejected from a game will be suspended for 1 additional game. NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.


Pool Winner Tie Breaker Rules

Pool play overall record  If two teams are tied- Head to Head winner  If three teams are tied- If one team has defeated both other teams, that team advances. If not Total runs allowed in Pool play.  If still tied-Total runs in pool play.  If still tied-Run differential  If still tied coin flip



Untimely it is the head coaches’ responsibility to understand how the playoffs are determined. Almost all MVP tournaments will start with pool play followed by pool winner and sometimes wild card teams. This information will be clearly visible on the tournament website. Please do not assume anything! If you have questions please ask as we are here to help you understand the format. MVP representatives will be more than happy to talk to an answer questions from coaches, parents, fans and players.


Not Covered in the Rules

In the event any item is not covered in the playing rules, MVP will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final!

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