MVP Blue Jackets 11/12u Sting Again!

The MVP Blue Jackets 11/12u were a frightening bunch this Halloween weekend out in Diamond Nation located in Flemington, NJ. Guest Coach, Mike Tierney said, "if these boys work hard through their off season, they are guaranteed to be nationally competitive". Tierney also said, "this will undoubtedly be the team to beat at this age division in NEPA. The Jackets entered in to the Halloween Mash at Diamond Nation on a 9 Win Streak. First on the Blue Jackets Halloween hitlist was Trenton A's Elite, also known as the Green Machine. The A's were disassembled by a swarm of Blue Jackets. Next, was Diamond Nations very own, Diamond Jacks Gold. This game started off slow but the Jackets opened it up i

MVP Blue Jackets 11/12u, Men on a Mission!

In the Net "Fall Frenzy" 12u Tournament Champions These young soldiers marched down to Palmyra, PA over this past weekend and needless to say, they were on a mission. Beginning with the first pitch of the tournament, these boys came out swinging for the fences, literally. We needed two hands just to keep track of all the long balls being hit by the Blue Jackets. At one time, they went back to back to back driving the ball out of the park! As we followed the Blue Jackets through the tournaments schedule and scores page, it was evident that their hitting was contagious but their glove side wasn't too shabby either. Outscoring their opponents 63-13, the Blue Jackets went undefeated with a recor

MVP Blue Jackets 12/13u Prove they are The NEPA Powerhouse

If you are not familiar with the tremendous amounts of success the MVP Blue Jackets 12/13u has achieved, we would like to welcome you back from what ever Planet you were visiting over the past year. These young men are approaching the end of their tournament season holding a record of 40-17-2. They also aren't estranged to the most prestigious of venues which hosts the best of the best in competition. Venues such as Diamond Nation, Perfect Game, Baseball Heaven, Ripken, Maplezone, The Rock, In the Net, etc. The Blue Jackets have attempted to expose themselves seeking some of the best teams on the East coast to play. They've run in to some great teams along the way but their record explains i

Toronto Blue Jay, Gabe Noyalis to lead College Prospect Camp at MVP

MVP Sports Academy has teamed up with Gabe Noyalis of the Toronto Blue Jays organization to develop a program that is designed specifically for the baseball player on the "Road to Recruitment". This program will act like a blueprint to each participant, as each player will receive a tailor made program designed by Noyalis in efforts to capitalize on their strengths and exploit their weakness. If the player intends to play this game at the collegiate level, it is important to understand the tools you will be recruited for and the things the athlete must do over his off-season to get recruited. It is easy to say that everyone needs to get bigger, faster, and stronger but what does each player

Pedal to the Metals!

The MVP Blue Jackets took a short drive this oast weekend to a local tournament hosted by the Slow Roller Deuces at DuPont Little League. The tournament opened up Friday night under the lights where the Blue Jackets struggled to make things click. After their first loss delivered to them by the Slow Roller Deuces the team was forced to go back to the drawing board. A resurgence speech given to the boys prior to game 2 on Saturday morning sparked what appeared to be a vicious hunger in these boys eyes. Defeating the Big 6 Blaze Saturday morning was their first step on in their path to greatness. Game 3 brought the Blue Jackets to the Abington Bombers where the Blue Jackets pulled no punches a

Success to its Fullest!

MVP Blue Jackets 13/14u traveled to The Rock's Sports Complex, "The Yard" for their 5th tournament this travel season. "The Yard", an old prison located near Chester, NY has been developed in to a new all turfed multi-purpose facility that was the home for the 13u division Fall Bash this past weekend. 13 teams entered in to this contest at the 13u age division. The MVP Blue Jackets 13/14u team started off slow in Game 1, finishing with a 2-2 tie game. The Jackets came off a lot stronger in Game 2 delivering a shut out win of 9-0. Game 3 ended in similar fashion giving up only 1 run and winning 4-1, which advanced them to the semi-finals. They faced off vs. the Hit n' Run Bombers and fell sho

MVP Blue Jackets 18u Puts on a Show at Maplezone 

These 10 young men play gridiron baseball and have another great showing this past weekend at Maplezone Sports Complex. After beating the Mid Atlantic Show 17u, they played 40/40 Baseball and lost 1-0 that ended with an arguable bang-bang play at the plate. They went on to beating Pro Skills 18u and as a result of only allowing 2 total runs to score, they earned their way into a championship game. Facing off vs. The Mid Atlantic Show 18u Big Brother, our gridiron gang had their hands full. Though a tough fought battle giving up no earned runs, MVP lost 3-1. Their hard work did not allow them to walk away empty handed as they brought some hardware back to the Hive. #mvpstrong

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