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Kopcza strikes again making the all tournament team at PG Worlds 

MVP Sports Academy - Nov. 3, 2015


Team MVP (17u) Elite player, Josh Kopcza picks a great time to show up and show out! Invited to play in the 2015 WWBA Underclass World Championship with Team Citius, Josh had a great outing earning his way to the All-Tournament Team. This is an extremely impressive accolade when you look at the amount of collegiate and professional bound players that played in the tournament. Kopcza will be shutting it down over this off-season and then entering in to the MVP College Showcase Camp for 10 weeks to get ready for his upcoming high school season. "This is a pivotal off-season for me to improve the effectiveness of my pitches as well as increase velocity", says Kopcza. "I look forward to working out and staying healthly this off-season, so you should see a lot of me." We at MVP Sports Academy are very proud of what Josh has achieved so far but more impressive is his drive to get better.


Nancy Lane, MVP Softball Trainer goes Above and Beyond

MVP Sports Academy - Nov. 2, 2015


MVP Sports Academy received an e-mail from a parent that just came back from a 14u Travel Softball Tournament with awesome things to say. Maura Berecin, a 3-year pitching student of Nancy Lane showed off her pitching as her performance spoke for itself. Maura made her pitching debut at a 14u USSSA Class B Tournament in Emmaus, PA this past weekend and was lights out. Scott Berecin, father of Maura said, "Because of Nancy’s, kindness, dedication and unbelievable ability to relate and train her students, Maura's performance was amazing and she had complete command of all her pitches."  We at MVP Sports Academy are extremely proud to have someone like Nancy not only helping these young ladies develop their skills on the field but teaching them the valuable lessons that can be applied throughout life.



Team MVP Player, Josh Kopcza invited to play with Team Citius at PG Worlds 

MVP Sports Academy - Oct. 8, 2015


Team MVP (17u) Elite player, Josh Kopcza was invited to play with Team Citius for the WWBA Underclass World Championships hosted by the Perfect Game. Team Citius out of Bronx, NY invites some of the best talent across the country to compete in one of the biggest underclassmen events in the world. This is the 14th annual WWBA Underclass World Championship, which will take place in Ft. Myers, FL using the spring training fields of the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, as well as historic Terry Park. With over 100 teams participating in this event, Josh is very excited to be a part of such a prestigious opportunity. Kopcza, a Junior at Wyoming Area Secondary Center of Exeter, PA has began his recruitment process and has schools from the Division 1, 2, and 3 levels express their interest in visiting their instituions. Needless to say, we are very excited to see where Josh will commit over the next year. 


Team MVP 17u Elite Player, Flanley makes PG All-tournament Team

MVP Sports Academy -  Sept. 1, 2015


Team MVP (17u) Elite's Cade Flanley, was selected to the 2015 WWBA Northeast Qualifier All Tournament Team. Batting .355 with an on base percentage of .563 this tournament season, he has earned his keep as the 17u Elite's leadoff hitter. Playing a utility roll defensively at both 3B and OF, Flanley has added a great deal of value to the team. Not just a player with great skills but a good idea what is necessary for him to help his recruiting path moving forward. With tremendous athleticism proven through his preseason metrics, this player should continue to add chunks of value to any college program he is a part of. 


New business should be a hit

Jack Smiles - Pittston Progress -  Jan. 11, 2015


Here’s how Dave Favata and Michael Tierney transformed an old shoe factory in Exeter into an indoor sports facility they call MVP Sports Academy.

When Tierney was playing college baseball he was approached by his former mini-football coach to help his Little League son improve his hitting. Tierney worked with the boy and the next season the boy made his league’s all-star team. Taking notice of the kid’s vast improvement, another parent asked Tierney for help, then another.


How To Properly Train Your Core

Rob Licata, BS,CSCS, TPI - - April 2014


If your idea of “core” training is doing crunches, sit-ups and Russian twists, STOP NOW! You are only reinforcing bad posture and asking for an injury. Imagine yourself in a full sit-up position. When are you ever in that position on the baseball field? NEVER! We need to train our core to stabilize, not flex. We are in a flexed position all day long. We are sitting at a desk, in the car or watching TV. We need to get out of flexion and get our spine in a neutral position with proper posture. Lets look at what core stability means.

Preseason Training for Youth Baseball Players

David J. Szymanski, Ph D, CSCS*D, RSCC*E, FNSCA June 2013


The goal of this article is to provide interested readers with examples of 6-week preseason training programs for youth baseball players aged 7-14 years that are evidence based, relate to the movements of the game, and do not take a significant amount of equipment or time to complete. Components included in this youth article are an example weekly training schedule, plyometric, resistance training, and rotator cuff exercises, as well as age-specific long toss throwing programs.

Medicine Ball Training Implications for Rotational Power Sports

Jacob E. Earp, MA, CSCS1 and William J. Kraemer, PhD, CSCS*D, FNSCA2

Medicine ball exercises can be imporant tool in the development of masculature that is important for sports performance. Medicine ball exercises can achieve angular specificity and stimulate tissues that may not be activated in exercise movements used in a typical strength and conditioning program. Medicine ball training allows complex sport-specific movements to be performed expolosively with greater resistance than that seen during regular sports competition. Sports-specific development of high-velocity power movements can be achieved to hlep train the sport-specific movements at higher power outputs on the force-velocity continuum.

A Collaborative Approach to Prevent  Elbow Injuries in Baseball Pitchers

Ryan L. Crotin, MA, CSCS

Baseball pitchers are highly susceptible to medial elbow injuries. Pitching frequency, pitch accumulation, patho-mechanics, exercise physiology status, and injury history must be evaluated in all athletes to reduce risks. Player development combines efforts of both human performance and pitching coaches. The mechanisms associated with medial elbow injuries will be described through functional anatomy, injury data, and biomechanics. Concurrent training (combined strength, conditioning, and pitching training) will be suggested in managing repetitive strain injury risks. The information forms a preventative approach in reducing medial elbow injury risks, while maximizing physiologic and mechanical performance in elite-level high school, collegiate, and professional pitchers.